Holistic Food

Did you know it's about quality and not quantity when it comes to feeding your pets?  You will actually feed less of a good quality food than if you feed something that is loaded with fillers and by-products.  This also means that the "expensive" holistic food will turn out to be comparable in cost to the cheaper food.  Plus you get the added bonus of having a happy, healthy pet.

 Have a pet that suffers from dry, flaky skin or possibly smelly ears?  Many of these issues can be fixed by feeding a better quality diet.  We can help find natural and holistic solutions for most issues.  Stop by the store for a quick chat or shoot us an email at info@muttsandmeows.com.

We only carry brands who have met or surpassed our high standards.  With an emphasis on American made brands we have a food for every pet whether it be kibble, canned, freeze-dried or raw.  Be sure to ask about our frequent buyer programs and Roxy's Rewards.  You know you are going to spoil your pet.  You might as well earn free stuff while doing it!