Roxy's Rewards

Do you like getting discounts and free stuff?  Be sure to sign up for our rewards program then! We have frequent buyer programs for many of our foods, treats, and even supplements.  Our staff can let you know what products have a frequent rewards program.  Our rewards program is point based and allows you to earn $$ off or even free stuff! Every $1 spent equals 1 point. You can "cash out" your points when you reach 300 points or keep accruing them to get bigger discounts - it's totally up to you!

Reward Points

300 points = $5 Gift Card or Free To Go Box of Cookies

600 points = $10 Gift Card or Free LaundroMutt Wash

900 points = $15 Gift Card or Fee To Go Box of Cookies and Free LaundroMutt Wash

1200 points = $20 Gift Card 

1500 points = $25 Gift Card

1800 points = $30 Gift Card